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We work with some of the most prestigious brands in the country

Whilst all of our clients are different, the way in which we organise, administer and manage projects are all principally the same. We are flexible and some clients come to us for individual advice or services whilst others look for us to provide a full service requirement.

All of our mystery shopping programmes are tailored around our client and if someone is looking for the cheapest mystery shopping company in the industry, then we are unlikely to be top of that list. We will not compromise on quality and invest a significant amount of time in ensuring that the work that we deliver, meets our exacting standards, and that the projects deliver usable business insight.

Whatever a client’s requirement, the first stage is for us to have an informal discussion. We will then discuss what we feel we can do to help that business and if appropriate will then create a fully costed proposal, detailing exactly what we propose to do, how it could work, and what it would cost.