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We choose the right mystery shopping technique for you and your business

We are mystery shopping specialists, however, we do offer a range of complementary services to this, all revolving around measuring the customer experience.

Exit Surveys
We conduct exit surveys at our client’s branches. Customers leaving a branch are asked for their feedback against a questionnaire and we collate all this data into management analysis and recommendations.

Customer / Prospect Satisfaction Surveys
We create Customer / Prospect Satisfaction research programmes. By formalising a questionnaire and measurement mechanic, we then plan the calling data and schedule calls in order to achieve the required sample. We collate all this data into management analysis and recommendations.

Set-Up Complete Programme
In some instances it either more cost effective or more informative for a client to set up their own in-house mystery shopper programme. We can work on a consultative basis with a client in determining the issues to consider and how best to structure their scheme, or if appropriate we can work alongside them throughout the whole process until their in-house mystery shopping programme is all up and running smoothly.