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How much does a mystery shopper get paid?
Mystery shoppers are paid as independent contractors at a specific rate for each assignment. Each assignment is designated a project fee, and, if applicable, allowed expenses. For this reason, the amount mystery shoppers can make on a particular assignment will vary. Remember, when to take into account the free products and services that are available on some assignments, the total payable each hour can rise substantially. All mystery shoppers are required to invoice us and will be paid as independent contractors, by cheque, once per month upon successful completion of each assignment.

Do mystery shoppers work part-time or full-time?
Mystery shopper positions should be considered part-time or casual work. Work is offered to mystery shoppers on an 'as available' basis and should not be regarded as a source of regular income. Many assignments can be performed in the evening and on weekends. You are not obliged to accept all assignments and are encouraged to choose those that are convenient for you. Some mystery shoppers work as little as a few hours every year, while others can spend many hours each week. The volume of work available to each mystery shopper is based on the following:

  • The amount of work available in your immediate area.
  • The number of "active" mystery shoppers in your region.
  • Your level of experience/training.
  • Your level of professionalism and quality on past assignments.
  • Client specifications and restrictions.
Do I need previous experience as a mystery shopper to work for Customer Perspectives?
No. Mystery shoppers are hired based on the information provided in their online application form, their aptitude and ability to meet assignment requirements. Customer Perspectives offers training to aid you in becoming a highly effective mystery shopper.

If I am accepted, will I become an employee of Customer Perspectives?
All of our shoppers are independent contractors, who are responsible for their own tax records and are not employees of Customer Perspectives. Because mystery shoppers are contractors and not employees, an annual Statement of Earnings or Group Certificate is not provided at the end of the financial year. As an independent contractor, it is your responsibility to keep records of all work you carry out for Customer Perspectives. This includes all fees and reimbursements we pay you. Please consult your tax authority or adviser for information regarding allowable deductions.

Is there work for me in my area currently?
Customer Perspectives is rapidly expanding. Even if there is no work available directly in your area today, there may be tomorrow! Your work volume is solely dependent on our clients' current needs. You select only the assignments you are interested in and willing to complete given the job parameters. Mystery shoppers are able to select the type and number of jobs they would like to complete.

After accepting an assignment, how long will I have to complete the shop and submit my report?
Typically clients require evaluations to take place on specific days and at specific times. This requires you to think carefully before committing to a date/time as it may not always be possible to change. The due date of the assignment is detailed on the briefing sheet, which you will receive at the start of any assignment.

Could assignments require me to make or return a purchase?
To evaluate certain aspects of service sometimes it is necessary to make or return a purchase. If the evaluation requires a purchase, the instructions specify the cash amount Customer Perspectives will reimburse the mystery shopper. This amount is paid in addition to the assignment fee. We recognise that returning a purchase can be more timely and involved and we adjust payment accordingly.

Could an assignment require me to collect a receipt or business card?
To confirm that evaluations occurred at the correct time and location, some clients require us to provide receipts, business cards or similar. Be sure to take note of any such requirements in your Briefing Notes/Instructions.

Anyone can register to join us as a mystery shopper